Here’s your chance to win one of two child t-shirts based on Gandhi’s famous quote — “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Those words can be life-changing, and as we have grasped the deep truth in them, it has revolutionised our parenting style.

Aisha modelling t-shirt, March 2012
The shirt says, "Be the change you wish to see in me. (I'm your cultural apprentice.)"

We have realised that every single thing that we want to change in our children must first be modelled by ourselves. Our children are cultural apprentices. They want to fit in and are watching us carefully to discover what life is about.

When we complain, they’ll learn to complain. When we create drama, so will they. When we are lazy, they’ll learn to be lazy. When we shout, they’ll start shouting. Maybe it won’t happen immediately, maybe it won’t come straight back at us. But the actions they’ve seen will reflect in their behaviour.

After bemoaning the wishy-washy messages on children’s t-shirts, I realised the irony of complaining about something that I had the power to change. So I created a t-shirt with this design for our own children. And I ordered a couple extra of these 100% organic cotton shirts to give away!

Aisha and Dell modelling t-shirts, March 2012
Here are Aisha and Delaney modelling the size 6 and size 2 t-shirts.

Dell modelling t-shirt, March 2012
The smaller size is quite generous and would probably suit someone who wears size 3 as well.

These will probably work best on your own children if you understand the philosophy behind the message. If you try to give it to your niece or nephew, your sibling will probably see it as a passive-aggressive attack on their parenting style. It’s not gonna work. Just be the change, instead. Put the shirt on your own child and let people ask about it.

Here’s how you win: Leave a comment with your email address and the size you’d prefer — 2 or 6. That’s all. No gimmicks, no likes, no tweets, no promotion. (I hate those conditions on many other blog giveaways, so I’m being the change I wish to see in the world!)

One comment, include your email, and you’ll be in the running to win one of the two shirts. Comments close at the end of March, and I’ll use a random-number generator to pick the winners. Too easy.


UPDATE: Congratulations to Leeann (38) for winning a size 2 shirt and Rhonda (11) for winning a size 6 shirt! *If you didn’t win, but you would still like a shirt, you can order yours directly from Cafe Press.# If you would like a shirt in a bigger size, here is the PNG image file. Download it and get it printed on whatever you would like!