So I’m walking down the main street of Beenleigh when a car pulls up and someone yells at me. Sound okay to you?

Of course it is! It was my friend Debbie who recognised me from afar … something about my red hat, perhaps.

Debbie pulled over and we had a lovely chat. I also got to see her lovely daughter Miss Violet who is fascinated in babies and thought Elijah was the bee’s knees.

Since pulling in to our Queensland base camp, we’ve been focusing on logistics and haven’t gone visiting locally. So it was a treat to see Debbie, even briefly!

Lauren and Elijah, March 2012
We're ready for our big day on the town! I walked in with Baby Elijah in the stroller.

Lauren, Debbie and Violet, March 2012
A meeting like this can't go unrecorded. It was a brief catch-up in the shade of a local take-away joint, but it was jolly and unexpected!

Thanks for accosting me, Debbie!