When we contacted our friends Jason and Sarah earlier in the year and said that we wanted to visit, we were happy to hear that they’re bought a house and moved to a new location on the Gold Coast. We did have aspirations of travelling with them, as our times camping together have been extra-special, but it’s been good to visit them in their new home and bless their space and their hopes for the future.

The Vege Shed, Murwillumbah, March 2012
This little shop on the southern outskirts of Murwillumbah provides the freshest fruit and vegetables in the region. We are happy to have the opportunity to stock up with some fresh produce before we arrive at our friends' house.

Pritchards' house, March 2012
It is so nice that the Pritchards bought a home which has a nice flat space on which we can park when we visit!

Jason and Sarah’s household is particularly full at the moment. They’re fostering a teenager, and they have their three other teenage boys living in the house. With two small daughters, plus a mother-in-law moving in downstairs, it seems that this large house is the right move for everyone!

View of the southern Gold Coast, March 2012
The house is perched on the side of the hill and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding areas, especially at sunset.

Grace and Brioni, March 2012
Grace and Brioni have exactly one year's age difference (Grace is younger), but they became fast friends during this visit. Brioni spent the night in Grace's bed, and Grace moved to a spare bed for her guest!

Calista sleeping on the couch, March 2012
While we were talking in the kitchen and downstairs, Calista found herself a quiet place on the couch and fell asleep.

Sarah and Jake, March 2012
It's been just over a year since we've seen these lovely people. Jayke is growing into a handsome young man and is a delight to talk to. He's involved in many interesting projects and activities.

David making juice, March 2012
When we come into a house, we love to use our blender to make fresh juice and smoothies to share with everyone.

Although our time with these friends was short, we’re confident that we’re establishing for our children a firm connection with this special family that will lead to many more shared adventures in the future!