Up in the hills near the interesting little town of Mullumbimby, we found our friends settling into a small but spacious house where they’re rethinking conventional ideas of bedrooms and sleeping spaces. It’s been good to spend time again with the Masons.

We’ve previously shared living spaces with them in New Zealand, at our home-base shed and on a rural property near Nimbin. We’re having a peaceful, relaxing time hanging out here.

The Masons' house at Wilsons Creek, March 2012
The Masons have rented a one-bedroom bungalow on the edge of a rural property.

The Masons' house at Wilsons Creek, March 2012
The interior is light and airy, with windows all around.

Instead of grouping together in the bedroom, the main living area has sleeping mattresses laid out. These act as soft, low seating in the daytime and bedding at night. The house’s one bedroom is a dressing-room and TV-room. When its door is closed, the noise from the TV doesn’t escape into the rest of the house.

The Masons' house at Wilsons Creek, March 2012
We enjoy sharing living spaces with the Masons and fit easily into sharing the responsibilities.

David and Ruth in the kitchen, March 2012
It doesn't take long for David to move into the kitchen and make food for everyone.

David in the kitchen, March 2012
David likes to use his time in house kitchens to experiment with new foods.

Riding bikes with Max, March 2012
The verandah wraps completely around the house, making a great track for riding bicycles.

Calista on the bike, March 2012
Calista enjoys riding on a smooth surface.

The Masons' house at Wilsons Creek, March 2012
We use this time in a house to do some crafts that are too hard for camping times — like beading.

Aisha threading beads, March 2012
The girls have been making an astonishing variety of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets.

The Masons' house at Wilsons Creek, March 2012
The beading keeps the girls occupied for hours (and we later step on tiny beads that got lost).

Beading with the Masons, March 2012
When the older girls come home from school, they're happy to start beading as well.

The Masons' house at Wilsons Creek, March 2012
The computers also keep our children amused for hours.

Ruth with Elijah, March 2012
Elijah gnaws on Ruth's arm while she cuddles him.

The Masons' bus, March 2012
We are excited to finally get to see inside the Masons' bus. Their travelling rig is an old school bus that has been fitted out with bedrooms for the everyone, a proper bathroom and a kitchenette.

Qashar and Guy in the bus, March 2012
While they're living in a house, Guy uses the bus as his sound studio. Qashar is very interested in music and video production and is learning how to put together and record the sounds that are in his head.

Guy Mason, March 2012
Guy is passionate about his music and is constantly working on his compositions.

David reading to the girls, March 2012
As it gets later in the evening, David reads stories to our girls.

Lauren at night, March 2012
And once everyone is in bed, I take the laptop and walk up the road to try to get within range of a mobile network so I can go online.

I felt so comfortable hanging out with Ruth. I feel like we’ve started sharing on a very intimate level and are going to be good friends for a very long time. This sort of friendship is something that will bring us back to Mullumbimby again and again, and I also look forward to exploring more of the local area!