When David came across a snake slithering in the grass, he called us all to admire it. Moving slowly, a six-foot-long python was making its way from one garden bed to another.

Carpet snakes are completely harmless, so we didn’t feel scared. However, we didn’t approach too closely because we didn’t want to scare him (or her) away.

Carpet snake, March 2012
Carpet snakes are found throughout most areas of Australia.

Watching a carpet snake, March 2012
David and Brioni watch the snake cross the grass in front of them.

Carpet snake, March 2012
As the carpet snake moves into the cover of the plants, David reaches out and pinches its tail. It twitches in annoyance and disappears.

Later in the day, I almost stepped on this snake as it crossed some steps on its way to another garden bed. I, too, called all the kids to come and have another look. This time, as it slithered away, 6yo Max reached out and touched its tail. That’s bravery!