Today we reconnected with Wilfred (David’s grandfather) and Rebecca (a dear friend). The day unfolded in a peaceful way and culminated with a fantastic, home-cooked vegetarian meal with new friends.

Rebecca, Lauren & Elijah, 3 months old, March 2012
Today I've been privileged to enjoy Rebecca's company again.

We first met Rebecca at the Rainbow Gathering in November 2011 when she approached me and asked if she could give me a massage. Rebecca had recently completed specialty training in pregnancy massage and needed five case studies to complete her certification. I was so close to the end of the pregnancy that my response was, “I’d love a massage, but I may be in labour already!”

As it turned out, I had a couple weeks of false labour left before I gave birth to Elijah. Rebecca was at my side throughout the birthing process, constantly massaging me and soothing me with her presence. I joke now that I wouldn’t have another baby without her — and I’m probably 95% serious.

Rebecca Home with Elijah Rainbow, 3 months old, March 2012
Rebecca holds Elijah in our trailer — the place where he was born with her priceless assistance.

Meeting up with Rebecca again was returning to a safe place. We’ve been meeting so many new people in the last couple months, and although we love our new friends, there’s comfort in returning to those with whom you have a shared history, similar values and spiritual connectedness. I feel all these with Rebecca and we (with David) spent most of our driving time talking non-stop.

Sharing a ride with Rebecca was a wonderful experience. About half-way during our six-hour trip north, we stopped at Port Macquarie. David’s grandfather Wilfred Westley lives in this seaside town, and we looked up his address and decided to call on him for a quick visit.

Once he worked out who we were, Wilfred was so pleased to see us. David last saw Wilfred in June 2008 when Wilfred turned 90. And it’s been over five years since I’ve last seen Wilfred! He met Aisha and Brioni in February 2007 when he visited our house in Queensland.

Wilfred Westley with Elijah, Marh 2012
Wilfred has seven great-grand-children, only one of which is a boy — Elijah.

Wilfred has been holding onto a number of little presents for our children and was very happy to present them to us. After visiting for a little while in his (white-carpeted, very tidy) house, we moved our children back outside and cooked lunch.

Parked outside Wilfred's in Port Macquarie, March 2012
We coax Wilfred outside by setting up a chair at the top of the driveway.

Delaney playing in te dirt, March 2012
Delaney loves playing in the fresh dirt that is laid on either side of the driveway. New concreting work has just been completed, and the dirt is sprinkled with grass seeds.

Parked outside Wilfred's in Port Macquarie, March 2012
By including Wilfred in our domestic routine, he gets a good idea of what life on the road is like for our family.

Wilfred Westley with David, Marh 2012
Yesterday, David was with his father. Today, he's with his grandfather. This trip is a lovely way of introducing our children to their relatives.

After leaving Port Macquarie, we drove north past Coffs Harbour. We needed to drop Rebecca off at a property outside Glenreagh. When we reached our destination, Rebecca’s hosts invited us to share a meal with them and stay the night at their property.

Tired from travel, we’re glad to accept, glad to make new friends, glad to have another chance to explore and photograph this fabulous house, and glad that we don’t yet have to say good-bye to Rebecca! It’s been a good day.