While camping at Old Ford Reserve in the Megalong Valley, we spent most of our days playing in Megalong Creek. It’s a good place for children, and our kids loved the cool water on hot days.

Megalong Creek, February 2012
Our favourite spot to play includes a lot of safe, flat areas for the girls to run and splash.

Playing in Megalong Creek, February 2012
The girls are excited to change into their swimming clothes and follow us to the creek.

Playing in Megalong Creek, February 2012
The creek is shallow in most places, and although it moves quickly, it's not very strong.

Playing in Megalong Creek, February 2012
Delaney helps rub sunscreen onto David's back.

Delaney rubbing sunscreen onto David, February 2012
The end result is quite patchy, but it's done with love.

Playing in Megalong Creek, February 2012
Delaney tastes the water.

Delaney's wet hand, February 2012
The drips off her hand catch the light of the sun.

Delaney playing, February 2012
Almost giddy from our attention, Delaney calls "Watch me!" and runs back and forth across the rocks. Every childhood should have moments like these — when two parents are available to provide undivided attention to a child who is playing without inhibitions.

David in the water, February 2012
After he's been sunscreened, David cools off in a deeper section of the creek.

Playing in Megalong Creek, February 2012
We take baby Elijah with us while the older girls play in the water.

Playing in Megalong Creek, February 2012
Sometimes his sisters let him sleep in the shade.

Elijah and Calista, February 2012
Other times they insist on a cuddle with their little brother.

Playing in Megalong Creek, February 2012
After getting comfortable with the shallow parts of the creek, Brioni and Aisha venture into deeper waters.

Calista smelling a crushed leaf, February 2012
In playing her games, Calista discovers one of the native plants bordering the creek has aromatic leaves.

Aisha and Brioni drawing on each other, February 2012
In one trip to the creek, Brioni brings her bag of pens and notebooks so she can draw if she wants to. Soon she and Aisha are decorating each other and their sisters.

Brioni, February 2012
Brioni is delighted with the result!

With a large number of people camping at Old Ford Reserve and coming to play at the creek in the day, we make a number of friends. Some of them end up chatting around our campfire in the evening. Others join us at the creek.

Ketty and Ryan with our family at Megalong Creek, February 2012
Sydney locals Ketty and Ryan camped next to us for a number of nights. They joined us down at the creek one day after driving part-way down the 4WD track.

Bogged near Megalong Creek, February 2012
Sadly, Ryan and Ketty's ute is bogged when they attempt to drive down a 4WD track.

We’re glad to have discovered once again another fabulous spot for camping and playing. We’d like to come back here again!