Today we introduced Hakima and her girls to the Sydney Sunday funday transport concept — buses, trains, ferries and trams across the city for just $2.50. It started with a walk to the Blacktown train station and ended up with a taxi in the rain.

Aisha and Abuoch, February 2012
Our first transport is a train ride to Parramatta. The oldest girls — Aisha and Abuoch — decide to find their own seats away from the rest of the motley crew.

Bridge of oars at Parramatta, February 2012
As we walk along the Parramatta River, we pass the Elizabeth Street footbridge that is decorated by artwork designed by Greg Stonehouse and Susan Milne entitled ‘Wake’.

Hakima, Ayak and Calista, February 2012
While we take a break at the Parramatta ferry terminal, Hakima serves lentils on bread to anyone who is hungry.

Delaney and Aisha, February 2012
Our girls often pick up things they find along the way and play with them.

The ferry isn’t operating from this terminal at the moment due to low tide, so we climb up to the street level to catch a bus to Rydalmere. It’s only a short bus-ride to the ferry.

Riding on a bus with Hakima, February 2012
As we board our bus, Brioni brings along a stick — and she manages to hold onto it for most of the day.

Hakima on the ferry, February 2012
Then we hop on the ferry — it goes under the Harbour Bridge, past the Opera House and straight to Circular Quay.

Delaney kisses Elijah, February 2012
Delaney takes advantage of a quiet moment on the ferry to show her brother some affection.

David and a street performer, February 2012
At Circular Quay, David sits down next to this busker playing the didgeridoo and keeps time with the sticks.

Delaney and Ayak playing on a tree, February 2012
We sit for a while in the shade of a big tree and it's not long before the girls turn it into a playground.

Brioni looking over Sydney Harbour, February 2012
David takes Brioni for a short, individual outing and they admire the view over the harbour.

Cruise ship at Circular Quay, February 2012
A large cruise ship is docked at the harbour, and as we admire its fine lines, we dream about one day holidaying in one.

Sitting on the steps, February 2012
After wandering the streets, we pause for a moment on the steps of a pub at The Rocks.

After enjoying the city buskers and admiring the cruise ship, we decided to take the train to Town Hall and walk down to Darling Harbour so the girls could have a proper play.

Calista with an ice cream, February 2012
An ice-cream cone at Tumbalong Park in Darling Harbour gives the girls extra energy for the playground.

As dark clouds started to come over the sky, we decided to start making our way home.

Waiting for the train, February 2012
We're worn out by our long outing as we we sit, waiting for our train back to Blacktown.

Waiting in the rain in Blacktown, February 2012
The rain comes as we reach Blacktown station. We shelter under the eaves of nearby shops as we talk over our options and finally catch a taxi.

What a day!

Here are some of the street performances we enjoyed.