Today, I was delighted to receive a phone call from my friend Mel, who used to live just up the road but is now hours away. She and her family were coming down for other business, and stopped in for dinner.

Rattenburys & Aïcha, September 07
Here's the Rattenbury family. I'm not sure what Nigel is doing, but everytime the camera flashed, he put his finger in his ear and stuck out his tongue.

Sometimes you have spend time with someone again to realise how much you miss them. I feel that Mel and I see things quite similarly, and so our relationship is relaxed with no covert competition or the rivalry that often happens among mothers.

And of course, it was fun for the girls to have friends over again.

David and his bbq, September 07
David is perfecting his barbecue techniques, and we all agreed the smoky flavour of the meat was something special.