Elijah is now twelve weeks old — happy, healthy and getting chubby. He chuckles when tickled and trades smile for smile. It’s lovely to have him in our family.

Elijah smiling at 12 weeks, February 2012
Elijah finally smiles for the camera. He's very interactive with anyone who plays with him but usually turns serious for the camera.

Elijah, 12 weeks old, February 2012
Elijah is getting very strong on his tummy.

Elijah, 11 weeks old, February 2012
And he's starting to roll. Once he rolls off his tummy, Elijah is most upset at his new position.

Our Sudanese friend Hakima has a special song that she sings for Elijah, saying “Elijah is a boy, Elijah is a white boy. But Elijah is also a Dinka, he dances like a Dinka!”

As for me, I am still having so many dark days that I cannot maintain a positive perspective on our lifestyle, our family and even the present moment. Some outings distract me, others stretch me to almost-breaking point. But still I go on, as I must.