We decided to take the train into town today to pick up some things from certain shops and also to see my dad again. It was lovely to catch up with him, first at his office and then over a meal.

Lauren chatting with Victor, February 2012
It's finishing-time as we arrive at my dad's office building, so we spend some time chatting in the foyer.

Lauren chatting with Victor, February 2012
In a probable first for this building, Delaney strips off completely (including her nappy) and starts running around with no clothes on.

Brioni and Aisha with toe socks, February 2012
Brioni and Aisha try on their new toe socks while Dad and I chat.

Victor and Lauren with Elijah and Brioni, February 2012
We continue talking over a meal in a nearby restaurant.

Victor and Lauren, February 2012
We finally part on the street after Dad points us in the correct direction to the nearest train station. He's quite familiar with Sydney's CBD after working here for a number of years.

Dad has invited us to drop in on him any time, so we may just do that. We’ve strategically left some items in his apartment, so that means we’ll have a good excuse — not that we needed one!