We were first introduced to green smoothies by our friend Mandy in New Zealand (who, incidentally, took that photo of David and me that’s in the right-hand column of our blog). In moving towards a non-legalistic vegan diet, the drinking of green smoothies means we can gain nutrition and fibre from a range of different fruit and vegetables.

We decided to purchase a Vitamix blender for our green smoothies — and it comes in red! We will need to plug into 240-volt electricity to use the blender, so we’re yet to see how this will suit our travelling lifestyle. However, we’ve managed in the past to find places to plug in while not visiting friends, so we’re optimistic that with a bit of creative ingenuity, we’ll be able to make green smoothies often.

Our first green smoothie consists of half an orange, a pear, an apple, a kiwi and a spinach leaf. After our first tasting, we add another apple.

Aisha tasting the green smoothie, February 2012
The ultimate test is always whether our girls like what we've prepared. After an initial hesitant taste, Aisha asked for her own cup of this nutritious drink.

Victoria Boutenko popularised the idea of green smoothies with her international bestseller Green for Life, was first published in 2005 The main idea behind green smoothies is that they meet a range of nutritional requirements in a palatable form — and that the fruit and vegetables are broken down so they are more easily digestible than straight chewing.

The beauty of a high-speed blender is that the high-speed blending action breaks open the cells walls of all greens which is why only a couple blenders on the market actually make proper green smoothies. It’s an easy way to bring raw vegan food into your diet — and a revolutionary way of eating.

What about you? Are you a fan of green smoothies?