While we linger in Blacktown, David has been able to perform some routine car maintenance on the Bols’ new car. We’ve been able to use the car to visit the Blue Mountains, and it’s exciting for us (and for the Bols’ children) to be travelling in this car.

David under the car, February 2012
David slides under the car to drain the old engine oil.

Calista and Aisha watching television, February 2012
The girls are enjoying a lot of tv-watching.

Lauren and Hakima, February 2012
I'm showing Hakima some photos from our blog as we both studiously avoid thinking about the mound of washing behind us.

It’s been a pleasure to get to know more of the Sudanese immigrant community that resides in and around Blacktown. David’s experiences in Sudan and our friendship with a number of the Sudanese have given us access to these wonderful people who welcome us into their hearts and homes so readily.