There’s been a lot of rain all across the eastern seaboard of Australia. We’ve seen quite a bit here in Sydney, and we’re thankful to have a house in which to shelter as we continue to live communally with the Bols. After the heavy rain this afternoon, we emerged to play.

Ayak, February 2012
We all take turns feeling the depth of the water.

Bol, February 2012
Bol tries juggling the soccer ball in what we laughingly call "the swimming pool".

Delaney gets wet, February 2012
Although the rain has stopped, it doesn't take long for Delaney to get wet all over.

Abuoch, February 2012
In the front yard, a section is underwater and Abuoch gleefully sits in the puddle.

Aisha on the boogie board, February 2012
The kids grab our boogie boards and start riding the puddle.

Monydhal, February 2012
Monydhal opts to stand on the board rather than sit or lie on it.

Playing in the top of our truck, February 2012
When everyone is dried off from their games in the puddles, they move into the back of the truck to continue their games from a higher vantage point.

David loves to play with older kids, and connects wonderfully with the neighbourhood children. As our own children reach a different level of play, I’m sure they will enter into more sophisticated play with David too!