We stopped by a look-out in the Blue Mountains known by locals as the Rock. Our friend Jess introduced us to this amazing place while Delcie looked after our children (lest they run off the edge of the cliff).

Jess is the amazing woman who inspired our freebirthing experience with her own story of birthing without medical assistance. It was special to introduce her to Elijah and see how big Ayla is getting.

And Delcie is a wonderful friend who invited us to come back and visit — anytime. So we did. We borrowed a car from our current host family and drove up to Katoomba. We didn’t call in advance — dropping in is more our style. And it usually works out just fine. (Except for those people who don’t like unexpected visitors… I know who you are, and we won’t surprise you.)

Jess and Lauren with kids, February 2012
It is delightful to hear how well Jessica is doing with little Ayla and her new business interests.

Delcie plays with the kids, February 2012
Our girls and Jay from next door love to play with Delcie.

Delcie and the girls, February 2012
Delaney laughs when Delcie lifts her up to look in the mirror.

While chatting with Delcie and Jess, Jess said that we should take advantage of a break in the rainy weather to check out a local look-out. It’s off the well-beaten tourist path, and so we’re thankful to be introduced to it!

Flat Rock, February 2012
The view from Flat Rock is spectacular!

David at Flat Rock, February 2012
David peers over the edge.

David and Lauren at Flat Rock, February 2012
We sit on the edge of the rock and look out over the Jamison Valley.

David and Lauren at Flat Rock, February 2012
Whew! "That's enough of hanging out at the edge," I say and retreat back to a safer distance. My guts churn while I'm at the edge of a height like this.

Lauren with Ayla and Elijah, February 2012
I'm holding two babies as I stand in front of the ruins of a house that was constructed underneath the cliff's overhang.

Local legend says that men who wanted to skip out on army conscription built a house under the cliff to escape the notice of the authorities. You can see the remains of plumbing and waste pipes. It would be a spectacular place to live, but you wouldn’t want to go sleep-walking!

Jess Martin, February 2012
As the mist moves in and blankets the view, Jess shows us some of the small caves that she's camped in more than once.

The weather closed in very quickly, and we raced back to the car to escape the rain. On a brilliantly sunny day (do those exist in the Blue Mountains?), this would be a spectacular look-out, and I’d like to visit this spot again sometime.

Back at home, Delcie was making cupcakes with the children to keep everyone amused, and they were good! We enjoyed a lovely evening of fellowship with her and Alan, as well as with their house-guest Greg. It’s a pleasure to be in their lives, and our girls were reluctant to leave.

At Delcie's house, February 2012
Dinner is a casual affair as we don't manage to sit down at the table together. But we're all in the same room together, and it's wonderful to share multi-faceted conversations with Delcie, Alan, Jess and Greg.

We’re still staying in Blacktown, trying to work out what our next move will be. Our host family is most gracious, and our kids are playing well together. It’s nice to establish a firm friendship in this part of town, and we know that when we do move on, we’ll always be welcome back here.