We’ve loved seeing our Sudanese friend Deng again. And to make the reunion even better, we’re staying at the house of another Sudanese family who have been in Australia for just eight years!

We’ve been enjoying the hospitality of our Sudanese hosts. Before we caught up with Deng, we had an opportunity to share some of the photos and videos that David took during his time in Sudan.

Hakima, William and their family, February 2012
Hakima has cooked traditional Sudanese okra and potato dishes for us — served up with anjera bread.

Hakima was born in Bor — a town David and Deng visited in 2004, so she was happy to hear about his adventures there. And when Deng arrived, it was like a grand family reunion.

Deng and William Bol, February 2012
Even though Deng and William have not met before, they have enough Sudanese friends in common to establish an easy relationship.

David with Deng and William, February 2012
David and Deng reminisce about their African trips together as they browse the photos and videos taken from that time.

Deng and David walked around town and greeted some people, including someone that David met in Kenya in 2004 and who now lives in Australia. A friend’s neighbour brought his brand-new 4WD to where our truck was parked and gave David the short tow that he needed to get it off the wet grass. Now we’re parked on hard, dry bitumen outside the Bols’ house.

We’re thankful to have this time with Deng. Deng is currently working with Australia Post but will move to Melbourne at the end of the month to begin university. He still hopes to return to Southern Sudan to be part of the rebuilding effort in the new nation.