As I only get the weekends off, we’ve been trying to pack in as much as possible into two days.

On Sunday, we went down to the beach with the Fishers. David tempted me to go into the water, and it was so clean and fresh!

Fishers & Fishers at Main Beach, September 07
Aïcha and Ella are about the same size (though a year apart in age). Ella has a particular fascination with Aïcha, aided by Aïcha's photo on their fridge, so she was delighted to spend the whole day with us!

David and Brioni, September 07
What a glorious day! Even in the very start of springtime, the weather in Queensland is gorgeous.

Ben and David, September 07
Ben built a fabulous castle and dug out a moat surrounding it. He then tunneled a culvert to bring the seawater into the moat without the waves washing it away.

Fishers & Fishers at Main Beach, September 07
Here we are waiting for the waves to come up high enough to flood the castle's moat.

Brioni, 12 months old, September 07
Brioni's having a snooze in the shade.

Fishers, September 07
We ended our day with a meal at a sushi train. It was David's first time at such a restaurant, and there was enough variety to keep everyone satisfied — even the girls!