Staying in the city, sometimes we miss the casual camping in the great Australian bush. So we take time out now and again to spend a day in the park — doing practically nothing.

Relaxing in the park, January 2012
This is how we relax in the park — Elijah feeds, Calista dreams, I snooze and Aisha cuddles. Brioni and Delaney are off climbing on the playground. David's taking the photo.

Elijah, 2 months old, January 2012
Elijah is two months old and getting chubby. Now that he's smiling and more interactive, everyone wants a bit more of his attention!

It’s wonderful to have such well-manicured green spaces available for us to visit. There’s usually water, toilets and a playground to keep the kids amused. I look for shady trees and flat places for our picnic rug. Together they contribute to our well-being while we’re living in the concrete jungle!