We’ve been going along for a couple of weeks and have formed a nice routine. David drops me off at the train station in the morning, and I catch a bus to the top of our road in the evenings.

I’ve been carrying paper bags with me for the times I need to be sick and am stuck on public transport. It hasn’t been too unreasonable. (Everything is in perspective from my previous pregnancies.)

I am loving work. I’m doing a variety of design and media-trouble-shooting tasks, and it’s thrilling. Sometimes I read the newspaper and say to David, “They just don’t know what the real news stories are.” But most of the time I’m glad that the media isn’t calling up to ask me difficult questions about matters I can’t discuss.

Rosie and Hugh stopped by here after their fabulous trip to the Kimberleys. It had been over six months since they had seen the girls, so, of course, that was a huge change. They only stayed a day, but Rosie has promised to come back to visit soon.

Rosie asked me if I miss the girls while I’m at work, and I honestly don’t think about them much during the day. I know David is taking good care of them (so I don’t have to worry about the care they’re receiving), and because I’ve never had them at work, they just don’t enter my thoughts during the day.

It’s hard to read exactly how David is doing with staying at home. In some ways, he’s more relaxed. However, he would like to hook into some projects around the house, but he can’t find the large chunks of time to get the work done.

I’ve been trying to encourage him to find a playgroup, as that was the turning point for my attitude to staying at home. We’ll see if that’ll happen.

Brioni is almost walking. She has been taking several steps at a time, which is very exciting. Every evening when I come home, I ask, “Is B walking yet?”

I’ll get some photos this weekend to share with you all.