After moving on from plane beach, we ended up at Yarra Bay on Botany Bay in Sydney’s south-eastern suburbs. We found a quiet, little beach on the edge of a large recreational reserve — serviced by a sailing club.

Yarra Bay and Port Botany, January 2012
Our park outside the Yarra Bay Sailing Club is a quiet spot in the night and early morning.

Port Botany, January 2012
From across the water, the continuous noise of traffic at Port Botany continues through the night.

Our days have been spent playing at the beach, canoeing in the bay, exploring the park and relaxing in the shade. It’s nice to be back in nature again, although it’s quite well manicured and frequented by families, walkers and fishermen.

Our girls playing on the beach, January 2012
Elijah and I retreat under the shade of a big umbrella while the girls dig in the sand beside us.

Yarra Bay and Port Botany, January 2012
This little bay beach has calm, pristine water and attracts families with young children (like us!).

Brioni on the beach, January 2012
This beach has slim pickings in the way of rubbish to decorate the top of the girls' sand castles.

Aisha swimming, January 2012
Every time she enters the water, Aisha is demonstrating more skill and confidence. She loves swimming and is keen to push herself to be better at it.

Aisha swimming, January 2012
After playing with only her sisters for several weeks, Aisha eagerly makes friends with several of the girls who visit the beach with their families.

Aisha snorkelling, January 2012
Now that she's been introduced to the beauties that lie underneath the water, Aisha is a keen snorkeller — although she hasn't yet mastered the technique of breathing through the snorkel.

David and Calista at the beach, January 2012
Our little beach is protected by the rock wall which is called a groyne. It is designed to prevent sand erosion on the beach.

Groyne building material, January 2012
It isn't until I climb up onto the groyne for myself that I notice the shape of the concrete construction materials.

The Yarra Bay Sailing Club has been a good host to us, and we’ll remember this spot for the next time we’re looking for a place to stay in the eastern suburbs. We may even return just for more snorkelling or canoeing. Thanks, Botany Bay!