Perched off a busy road, there’s a little beach on Botany Bay that overlooks the airport. It’s a great place to play in the sand while watching the planes take off and land.

David sitting outside the trailer at Foreshore Drive, January 2012
Our vantage point in the carpark allows us to watch planes take off and land from Sydney's main airport.

Aisha with a sandcastle, January 2012
Using found objects from the beach, Aisha puts the finishing touches on her sand castle.

Our girls playing on the beach, January 2012
Occasionally they pause to watch a plane take off or land, but the rest of the time, the sand and water keeps our girls occupied.

We did have hopes of spending the night here, but a fellow camper told us that we would be asked to move on if we spent the night here. Apparently the port authority still owns the land and the carpark, and the federal police like to move people away from permanent camping within such close proximity to the airport. The noise from the heavy traffic leading to and from the port — coupled with the airport noise — may have meant that we wouldn’t have a peaceful night’s sleep anyhow.