We’ve been going hard for a while. Our daily outings have meant that we’ve been out very late almost every night, and yesterday was just huge. So it was nice to have a nothing day today.

We slept in late, watched some television in the apartment and then took a walk to the local park so the girls could play.

In Redfern Park, January 2012
I lie on the mat for a little doze while the girls play around me.

In Redfern Park, January 2012
We found our new picnic rug in a local op shop and are loving it. It gives Elijah a good place to lie while his sisters are playing, although they do tend to kiss and cuddle him whenever they remember he's in close proximity!

There are a couple more attractions here in Sydney that we’d like to visit, but I don’t think we’ll be attempting such a big outing like yesterday’s again! Meanwhile, I’m enjoying a bit of a breather and some extra snoozes in the sun.