David and Brioni, September 07
David has developed a special bond with each of the girls during the extra time he has had with them. Here Brioni has just woken up, and she's clutching her red "boolah" — her sleeping blanket.

David has arrived back in Brisbane, bring with him (of course), the girls.

You may remember that for a short period of time, David is staying at home full-time, while I’ve returned to my previous job at the CMC. I’ve really enjoyed returning to work, and we both know it’s only until February at the latest.

Our other news is that my recurrent vomiting has been confirmed as mere progesterone-poisoning, and if it’s like my other two pregnancies, it may only end in March. (Yes, we’re expecting Baby #3.)

Aïcha & Brioni, September 07
David took the girls twice to play with water outside on a recent hot day. He says in both instances, Brioni ended up soaking wet while Aïcha remained bone-dry.