Maybe after years of travel we won’t need periods of regrouping and reorganising, but currently we find that after a bit of camping or a bit of travel, we need to stop and spend a day in housekeeping chores. This usually means washing and putting away clothes, sweeping the truck and tidying the girls’ bedding. It’s lovely to be parked in a spot where we can do this freely, as we’re back in Sydney and staying close to my dad’s apartment in Waterloo.

Delaney on the gyrocar, January 2012
After spying Aisha on her bike, Delaney asked us to retrieve her gyrocar from the truck so she could also ride the concrete pathways.

We’ve been given bags of clothes for our children, and so I’ve been using this time to sort them and put them away. David’s been spending his time working on the computer, uploading more videos to our Youtube channel and integrating them into past blog posts so that they’re presented in context.

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