After weeks of feeding this baby, this morning I saw one of Elijah’s first smiles. I was very excited when he smiled to my face, but then he moved his gaze to the scenery and beamed again. So maybe he wasn’t really smiling at me . . . .

Elijah, five weeks old, January 2012
Elijah's smiles remain mostly elusive for the camera, but I know what I saw!

When Aisha awoke, and I told her that Elijah had smiled this morning, she retorted with, “Oh, he’s already smiled at me before.” I don’t doubt that Elijah would smile for his sisters first — they love to smother him with cuddles and kisses!

A smile means that this difficult period of nursing a newborn is almost over. When my baby starts to display their personality, it’s easier for me to relate to them as a person, rather than as an alien leech. This smile is a good sign, and many more are sure to come!