Whenever we receive invitations from people to visit, we always accept. Sometimes it takes us months to finally arrive, but we do intend to visit all the families who have expressed an interest in meeting us and our family!

Earlier this year, we received a wonderful invitation from a homeschooling family who live less than an hour from Glendon Brook. Our welcome at the Jones’ house has been warm and friendly, and we’ve loved getting to know Renelle, Gav and their two kids!

Driving away from Lloyd's property, December 2011
This is it — seven weeks after we arrived here, we're finally leaving Glendon Brook for adventures further afield. But we'll be back, we're certain!

Although it was late when we arrived unannounced at the Jones’ house, they were happy to see us. We were all pretty tired, so we just went to bed and saved our conversations for the morning.

At the Jones' house, December 2011
It is wonderful to wake up at a new location and know that our children have new friends to meet as we're generously welcomed into others' lives.

Carter Jones, December 2011
10yo Carter is the consummate host, coming outside as soon as we were awake and offering us breakfast and cups of tea before inviting us inside. He loves to work on his computer, creating short movies of a creature he calls "Skodwood".

Aisha reading, December 2011
Once in the house, Aisha sits herself in a corner and works through the books she's selected from the extensive selection on offer.

Delaney and Calista drawing, December 2011
It doesn't take long for Calista and Delaney to discover the paper and drawing utensils that Renelle has left on the dining table.

Brioni stencilling, December 2011
Brioni tries stencilling — a new activity for her.

Faith Jones, December 2011
4yo Faith shares her toys so easily — she keeps wanting to show things to Baby Elijah!

Renelle and Elijah, December 2011
Renelle comforts Elijah when he's unsettled. She says that babies don't make her clucky — she can enjoy their presence without longing for another child.

Elijah in the cradle, December 2011
When Faith's doll's cradle is brought out, Elijah sleeps soundly in the living room alongside all the action.

Renelle's house decor, December 2011
David and I both love these vintage letter prints that Renelle has on display in the dining room. Renelle has a particular gift in homemaking style and surrounds her family with many beautiful hand-made decorations.

Luke with Brioni and Aisha, December 2011
We're travelling with Luke, taking him to a location north of Newcastle where he'll party in the New Year at a weekend-long music festival. Our stop at Renelle's house was on the way to the coast from Glendon Brook.

On this memorable last day of the year, the weather is too beautiful to stay indoors. It doesn’t take us long to start playing outside too!

Slip and slide at the Jones', December 2011
Renelle and Gav set up a homemade water slide down a slope in their backyard.

Luke, December 2011
Luke is exuberant for life, and throws himself down the waterslide with glee.

Delaney, 2 years old, December 2011
Bubbles collect at the bottom of the slide, and Delaney is intrigued by the froth.

Luke and Carter, December 2011
When they're finished on the slide, Luke and Carter ride motorbikes around the property.

Luke, December 2011
It's been good for Luke to get back on a motorbike again. This is his first time riding after an accident on one a couple years ago.

David and Gavin, December 2011
David and Gav watch the boys ride around. Gav likes his motor-toys and has recently bought a 4WD buggy to take adventuring.

David, December 2011
When it's his turn, David brings the bike up the slope to get airborne.

Luke on the computer, December 2011
Luke checks online to find out our exact destination. The location of the New Year's doof party is not publicly announced until this morning.

We said good-bye after lunch to head to Luke’s doof party on the coast. Renelle generously gave us extra clothes for Elijah and the girls, and the girls are so excited about them! Although we had such a short time with the Joneses, we’re looking forward to seeing them again and getting to know them better in the future.

Goats on a trampoline, December 2011
As we drive away from Clarence Town, we notice some goats sitting on a trampoline. I wonder if they ever bounce each other off it...