Our family has enjoyed sharing our free camping lifestyle with David’s brother James and his mother Roselin during the past couple of days. It’s lovely to have family come camping with us, spending whole days together so our children get to know everyone better!

Rosie with Elijah, December 2011
Roselin is on hand to give Elijah one of the first cuddles of his day.

We also like introducing our family to the new friends we’re making. After reading about Aisha’s adventures with Luke, it’s good for Roselin and James to meet Luke and our other camping neighbours!

Breakfast at Glendon Brook, December 2011
Luke, Tom and Erin join us for breakfast in the morning.

Tom walking on his hands, December 2011
Tom shows our girls how to walk on your hands.

Rosie with Elijah, December 2011
Roselin grabs another cuddle after enjoying a swim in the creek.

Lauren chatting with James and Roselin, December 2011
Our days consist of long talks at camp interspersed with playing in the creek, 4WDing or bush-walking.

James and Elijah, December 2011
James ignores Elijah's pleading looks and refuses to share his food.

Luke blowing on the didgeridoo, December 2011
Luke demonstrates his didgeridoo skills. He's really good, and we groove to his sounds.

Brioni beating a drum, December 2011
Brioni keeps her own time on the djembe drum.

Roselin and James, December 2011
When James takes the drum, the beat solidifies into a beautiful song.

Brioni wearing a crown of flowers, December 2011
Brioni comes back from a bushwalk wearing a crown of flowers.

Delaney, 2 years old, December 2011
Delaney is talking more and more every day. She calls "Wait me!" when we're walking too fast and stubbornly uses the word "door" as a substitute for "lid" as well as a request to open something.

Tom cooking, December 2011
Tom cooked for us tonight. Living with a community mindset means that the chores are shared joyfully, and burdens are shared willingly. We love the opportunity we have to live with a community-mindset in so many different locations!

Sitting around the camp-fire, December 2011
Our children sit around the camp-fire together — Aisha is holding baby Elijah on her lap.

James on the drum, December 2011
After everyone has eaten, the music starts with James setting the beat.

James and Luke fire-twirling, December 2011
James gets ready to use the fire-stick while Luke lights his poi. Tom and Erin also gave us demonstrations of fire-twirling in the dark night.

Aisha and Brioni with lit poi, December 2011
Luke shares his electric poi with the girls, and they're fascinated by the changing colours of the spheres.

Luke on the drums, December 2011
Luke marks out his beat on his West African drum.

Tom on guitar, December 2011
Tom strums and sings to his own compositions as well as to more familiar tunes.

On James’ last night with us, he spent intensive time playing with the girls in creating a magnificent imaginary world. The story was as entertaining to the adults as it was to the children!

James reading to the girls, December 2011
It starts out as an ordinary reading session but the evening's cuddle session with James and the girls morphs into a wonderful story from their combined imaginations involving a fox cub named Wolverine and his adventures in the forest.

We’re sorry to see Roselin and James go, but it’s time for us to move on too. We may catch up with James later next month before he flies home to London, and until then, our girls will rest in the wonderful memories they’ve made with Uncle James!