Our party atmosphere from yesterday continued today as we played with more balloons and waited and waited for David’s mother and brother to arrive. When they walked into our camp, the girls were running around the paddock as airplanes, and Rosie and James said it was like walking into a fairy circle!

We had such a good time when we last saw James in Sydney, and we know that he’ll appreciate the beauty of our bush camp on the creek. He’s been working hard for the last couple of months, so we hope this time in nature will help him relax properly before he returns to Europe.

Getting out of the 4WD, December 2011
Everyone piles into the 4WD before David drives it to the other side of the bridge to collect Rosie's and James' gear.

Unloading the 4WD, December 2011
When it gets back to camp, everyone helps to unload the gear and shopping from the back of the 4WD.

Rosie and James brought bags and bags of fresh groceries as well as some special presents for the girls (and a shirt for Elijah). It was all so exciting to open everything!

Rosie with Calista, Aisha and Brioni, December 2011
The girls are delighted with the new clothes and books that Rosie brings out.

Rosie reading to our four girls, December 2011
It isn't long before everyone is sitting on the grass, listening to Rosie read stories. (Delaney is sitting next to Aisha, looking at her own book.)

Elijah was sleeping so well when Rosie arrived, and he didn’t wake up for hours, so her first cuddle was delayed until after dark. Elijah is Roselin’s first grandson. (She has six granddaughters!)

Rosie with Elijah, December 2011
Rosie is delighted to cuddle her four-week-old grandson!

James offered to make us a traditional Bosnian dish — stuffed capsicums — in honour of his wife Maja who is with her family in Sarajevo at this time. We cooked up lentils instead of rice and meat, and James stewed the capsicums in a delicious tomato-based sauce. It was a real feast!

David and James cooking up, December 2011
James and David work together to create a spectacular camp dinner.

It’s wonderful to be with extended family again. Our camping location is so perfect that we would like to share it with everyone!