He says: Would you like to come for a walk to the creek?

She says: No, thank you. (Perhaps I didn’t even say “thank you”, but I definitely said “no”.)


He says: Come and hang out with us at the creek. It’ll be cool — fresh air, fresh water, shade. You’ll be as comfortable there as you are here, you can watch us play, perhaps even entering into play yourself, and this may just be what you need to lift your mood!

She says: I don’t feel like strapping our new baby to my front today — in this summer weather, he’s hot. Once he gets his head between my bosoms, there’s only one thing on his mind, and I don’t fancy breastfeeding for the entire walk. If he was content to stay in the sling, you know how hard it is to settle him when we take him off. So if I wanted to take him off me, I would have to pack a blanket for him to lie on, oh, and some spare nappies and wipes and a change of clothes or two. So one of us would have to be the pack carrier for all the baby accessories, plus I would need a drink because we know how thirsty I get while breastfeeding. All this to sit on a scratchy piece of grass (if I’m lucky) in some patchy shade and fight off the flies and biting bugs that attack me and the baby while also trying to keep our toddler from disturbing the baby in her desperate intent to be on my lap? All this for a bit of exercise and perhaps a wade in the water while I think about the sunscreen that I didn’t bring? No, thank you!