We were very excited today to receive our first visitors at the Mirannie Mountain property where we’re staying. My sister Carla and her four children drove south from Tamworth for three hours to meet Elijah.

We took the Croakers to the Rainbow Gathering site so they would see where we were hanging out last month. They also saw the place where we were camped when I birthed Elijah.

Carla and Elora holding Elijah, December 2011
We found a shady spot down near the creek to sit and chat.

Elora holding Elijah, December 2011
Elijah relaxes in the arms of his oldest cousin.

The cousins had such a good time together last time we visited the Croakers in Tamworth, and our girls were so excited to play with their cousins again! It didn’t take long for the games to start.

Brioni, Bowen and Flynn swimming in Glendon Brook, December 2011
The kids enjoy paddling on their boogie boards in Glendon Brook.

Flynn gets pulled around by his cousins, December 2011
After a vigorous game of chase, Flynn is caught and gets pulled around by his cousins.

Flynn with Delenn and Brioni, December 2011
Flynn demonstrates how to use his new crossbow.

Flynn holding Elijah, December 2011
Flynn is happy to finally get an opportunity to cuddle his new cousin.

Fisher and Croaker cousins, December 2011
Nine cousins together for the first time!

It’s a long way to come for a couple of hours. Carla had to drive back to Tamworth this afternoon because of commitments tomorrow. I’m so grateful that she made this effort to cement the friendships between our children and meet Elijah. We enjoyed the visit so much and are invigorated and encouraged by our time together!