David, Brioni & Aïcha, July 07
There hadn't been any snowfalls between our first and second trips up into the mountain, so patches of dirt were showing through some lower places.

Cabramurra, 1448 metres up in the Snowy Mountains
We drove up and up, arriving at little township called Cabramurra whose claim to fame is that it is the highest town in Australia (1448 metres).

Cabramurra was an eerie town to visit. It is wholly owned by the Snowy Hydro Scheme’s managing corporation, without any private residences (or places for overnight accommodation). The town was architecturally designed, and all the houses, public buildings, and even the picnic shelters looked identical, with drastically sloping roofs rising to peaks in the same direction. Because of the similarity of the buildings, I felt that it could have been something out of a horror movie.

With no overnight visitors, no rooms for rent, no privately-owned buildings, no backpackers or holiday-makers, locals thought that we belonged with them. When we drove around, everyone would wave, and we successfully ordered dinner at the (very nice) staff canteen.

It was wonderful to wake up to the white brightness of the thick snowcover. We spent the night in a parking lot, sleeping incognito just as David had always wanted to do! In the morning we took the boogie boards and toboggan out for a bit of snow play.

Brioni, July 07
David was showing the girls the town in the morning through the top hatches of the truck. B pulled her head in long enough for me to catch her grin.

The Freedom Truck in Cabramurra, July 07
The Freedom Truck in Cabramurra.

Lauren, July 07
I really wanted to make a traditional snowman, but the snow wouldn't pack together nicely.

My and Aïcha's footprints in the fresh snow.

David, July 07
Down he goes!

Lauren, July 07
I have really enjoyed seeing the snow again.

That afternoon, David and I discovered another really frozen lake. When we first ventured out onto Three-Mile-Dam (not sure why it was named such), we were very cautious, sliding out onto the ice with our bellies on our boogie boards. However, by the end of the afternoon, we were walking on the ice in preferences to trudging through the knee-deep snow! Our fastest boogie-board rides were down the steep snowy banks and out onto the ice.

David, July 07
I love this man. (The look on his face says that he's planning on doing something mischievous and fun.)

David on Three Mile Dam, Snowy Mountains, July 07
Any prohibitive signs are a challenge to David.

David on Three Mile Dam, Snowy Mountains, July 07
Sliding across the ice after a fast run-up.

We farewelled the snow and headed for Canberra, where we have been staying with our good friends the Aldrics.