We’ve entered a natural season of veganism. After being vegetarian for almost a year and a half, we’ve also stopped buying dairy (especially cheese) and have discovered that we’ve embarked on a non-legalistic vegan diet.

A selection of legumes, perfect for vegetarians!
"A vegetarian is a person who won't eat anything that can have children." — David Brenner

Whereas David and I have consciously decided to be vegetarian, we don’t necessarily expect our children to automatically follow in our footsteps. At some point they will be making their own decisions regarding food, and while we don’t provide meat dishes within our household, when meat is offered by others, we allow our children to choose to eat it or not.

Veganism has slowly crept up on us. We stopped buying milk and chose soy drink instead. And then we started reading the fine print on cheese, discovering that most cheese produced in this country is still made from animal rennet (derived from dead calves). It was easy to find a good substitute for butter, and all of a sudden we realised that we were no longer dependant on dairy foods.

After a month of pure veganism, I feel like my body is different, healthier. I feel loathe to introduce dairy back in my diet, although I appreciate that our children may desire cheese when it’s available. We’ll continue in this way as long as we feel like it, but we’re not setting permanent boundaries for our future.