It’s summertime, but the weather is so cool it could be early spring! While staying in Singleton, a cold front moved in, bringing gusty winds that are perfect for flying our kite.

Aisha and Brioni launch the kite into the air, December 2011
Aisha and Brioni help David launch the kite into the air.

David flying a kite with Aisha and Brioni watching on, December 2011
The girls are fascinated by the kite and soon ask for a turn to fly it themselves.

David helps Aisha fly the kite, December 2011
Soon David helps Aisha fly the kite, Brioni waits for her own turn.

As well as flying the kite, our girls have enjoyed playing on the playground and riding their bikes on the concrete paths in town. We’re heading back out to the farm tomorrow after stocking up on groceries.