Today, we decided to get civilised. We’re heading into town for some fresh food, perhaps a little op-shopping and probably a visit to a plastic playground.

But first, special time just for mama:

Lauren in the bath, December 2011
It's nice to soak in the warmth.

I’ve been monitoring my desires and really, a hot bath hasn’t rated as highly as my cravings for fresh food. I’ve been content with washing in the creek and tub baths — even after giving birth.

After I was presentable again — even wearing lipstick — it was time to hit the road. At one week old, little Elijah is going to meet his first bitumen road today — that marvel and scourge of the modern age.

Hitting the road with Elijah, December 2011
A week after he was born, we finally take him for a drive to town.

After being in the bush for so long, it’s very exciting to be heading into town — even a small place like Singleton. Woohoo, look out, here we come!