So after three weeks in the bush, we’re now enjoying electricity, running water and a roof over our heads. Being in a house is so much more pleasurable when it’s not part of our daily routine!

Lloyd's house, December 2011
Lloyd's house is surrounded by interesting structures, farm machinery and gardens.

Brioni, Aisha and Calista watching television, December 2011
Electricity in most peoples' houses means television, and our girls are hooked, even when it's not kids' programs!

Malamute dog, December 2011
We're looking after three of these huge malamutes in Lloyd's absence. They're very gentle dogs despite their intimidating size!

David with a bonfire, December 2011
The weather is right for a big bonfire, so David starts clearing away some of the old timber that is in the yard.

Our girls playing in a spare van, December 2011
The girls discover the delights of playing in an old vehicle parked at Lloyd's house.

Koda and Delaney, December 2011
When the dogs are out, they like to stay close to our family, and our girls love to pat them.

We’re driving to and from the river and the house with Lloyd’s (unregistered) 4WD, which is an adventure in itself. It has no starter-motor and no hand brake — just think about that! We always have to park on a hill in preparation for the next clutch start and then leave it in first gear low-ratio to make sure it won’t roll away. The girls laugh madly when we drive over bumpy patches on the track, which is surely something they learned from David as I hold my breath until we’re past the scary bits.

We’re still not sure how this house-sitting gig is going to work out for us. Hopefully another Rainbow Family member will come down to relieve us so we can leave and head for NZ!. But until then, we’ll enjoy what we’ve got and make ourselves at home!