After leaving Wagga, we made the short drive to the Snowy Mountains. It was less than two hours to Talbingo (the home of Miles Franklins’ beloved Caddagat), where we parked in a caravan park in order to take advantage of the facilities (power, washing machine, hot water for washing up).

On Sunday we drove in the mountains to find the snow, and it didn’t take very long before we started seeing it on the side of the road. This winter has been quite cold, which means a good snow season at the ski-fields, and a great time to visit, especially with our record of visiting the snow every ten years! (David and I first drove into these mountains for a quick ski trip in September 1996 and later stopped by again in August 1997 on our way back to Leeton after getting married).

David and I was were so excited to be in the snow, though Aïcha was less than impressed (even with our hyping up the situation). We played on some slopes on the side of the road before heading to a ski resort until late afternoon. It was great to put the girls down for a siesta in the truck in the middle of the day while we took turns on the slopes.

At the ski resort, David’s favourite activity was toboganning, especially on the boogie board. I really enjoyed the ski tube rides.

Aïcha, July 07
Aïcha's first taste of snow

Brioni, 11 months old, July 07
Brioni (11 months old) slept through our first encounters with the snow.

David at the snow, July 07
David bravely walked on water.

Lauren & Brioni, July 07
For most of the time, I carried Brioni on my front in the sling, which kept us both warm.

David at the snow, July 07
I know I've seen this before. Yep, it's David's waterskiing pose (he rides a surfboard behind the boat).

Aïcha & David at the snow, July 07
By the end of the day, Aïcha started enjoying the tame toboggan rides with David.

Lauren at the snow, July 07
I enjoyed the scenic ride up the slow tube as much as the adrenalin rush on the way down. (Behind me you can see part a buxom mermaid snowperson.)

Aïcha & Brioni at the snow, July 07
Aïcha and Brioni in the snow

David & Brioni at the snow, July 07
Even Brioni had a turn on the toboggan with David.

Brioni, Lauren & Aïcha, July 07
Enjoying a campfire together

Lauren & Brioni, July 07

The Freedom Truck at Talbingo, NSW, July 07
Our legitimate camping spot in Talbingo