Our four daughters have embraced Elijah wholeheartedly. They’ve been talking to him and loving him up in utero and now that he’s available to kiss and cuddle directly, they all take turns to adore him.

Elijah Rainbow, 1 day old, November 2011
It's hard to get pictures of him alert — Elijah is still so sleepy.

Elijah, 1 day old, November 2011
Rainbow Family member Claudia crocheted this red hat for Elijah before he was born. She was sitting in a circle, learning how to crochet and discovered she was making a hat. Later, she handed it to me, but she left the Gathering before he was born and didn't get to see him wearing it.

Aisha and Elijah, November 2011
Aisha relishes any opportunity she has to hold and kiss Elijah. "He's just so cute," she keeps saying.

Delaney with Elijah, November 2011
Delaney is delighted with her new brother — she's content to talk about him and what he's doing rather than hold him.

Calista with Elijah, November 2011
Calista likes to watch Elijah sleep. She climbs up onto our bed to be next to him.

Brioni with Elijah, November 2011
Brioni has to compete with Aisha for an opportunity to hold Elijah. She's very confident in her way with him.

David and I are still in awe of Elijah’s presence. Every now and again we wonder aloud, “Do we really have a son?” The birth seems so far away, so long ago — already, and it’s sometimes difficult to remember what has taken place to bring this special little person into our lives.