It’s been lovely to get to know new friends at the Rainbow Gathering. Although there are differences within the tribe, we can connect on the areas we have in common — parenting styles, spiritual quests, community-thinking, sustainable living and more.

David talks with Lloyd, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
David talks with the landowner Lloyd who comes regularly to check up on the camp and provide weather reports. David was able to accompany him when Lloyd took a group of people out on a 4WD trek and bush-walk, something David really enjoys.

McMillins in camp, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
We've enjoyed getting to know fellow campers Brian and Jen and their two sons. They've attended many Rainbow Gatherings in the U.S. and around the world and could explain many of the rituals, procedures and unwritten rules to us.

Roddie with baby Ari, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
One time I was looking after 6-week-old Ari for Jen, and David took him from my arms. Soon after, I looked up again to find that another friend — Roddie — had taken Ari from David. Roddie is a champion baby-settler and Ari slept peacefully in his sarong-sling for a long time. This is the way family-life is shared at a Rainbow Gathering.

Nicole and Lauren, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
Nicole was happy to work on my dreadlocks, tightening them for me and dreading the new growth.

David helping Sacha carry firewood, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
David has gotten to know quite a few people by staying up late and talking around the fires and also by helping around the Rainbow Gathering. Here, he carries firewood with Sacha to the main circle for the centre fire.

Nemo with Sara and Rumi, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
We are pleased to be able to share our toys with other children. We've been travelling with this gyro-car since we left Brisbane, but it previously hasn't seen as much fun as here at the Rainbow Gathering! Pictured here, Nemo pushes Sara and Rumi.

Raz reading to the girls, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
One afternoon, Raz stopped by our camp and asked the girls, "Can I play with you?" She was soon roped into reading story after story to them, something they all enjoyed.

We’re looking forward to seeing our Rainbow Family again — either during our travels around Australia or at the next Rainbow Gathering. A consensus has been reached for Australia’s next gathering — it’ll be in Tasmania in January. We don’t think we’ll make that one, but we hope to attend the one after that!