David’s main vision for the Freedom Truck was the ability to camp incognito — where ever, whenever. Our first main test of this was after we left Leeton. We camped in suburban Wagga Wagga on Friday night as we needed to do some shopping. “Wagga” (think of “Ouaga” to get the pronunciation right) is a virtual metropolis in comparison to Leeton, so we had a list of items to purchase from camping, truck and department stores. (My favourite purchase has been a thermometer that can read inside and outside temperatures. I love looking at it and reporting the difference between our cozy Freedom Truck setup and the winter outdoors!)

And camping incognito worked really well. Anyone who even noticed the truck would think that it was a freighter with legitimate business, and not that it was a campervan holding a sleeping family! Yaay, well done, David!

The Freedom Truck in Wagga Wagga, NSW, July 07
When choosing a spot to stay overnight, the only criteria is flat ground. I also chose to park under a street light so we would have internal lighting (through the skylights).