Our girls love the arts. Brioni, especially, has been asking for us to create more art, visit more art exhibits, watch more artistic performances and generally be more arty. “I just like art!” she says when we look at architecture, industrial machinery or animals. Someday she’ll appreciate the art in everything, but until then, we’ve received lots of artistic inspiration at this Rainbow Gathering.

On the night of the full moon, a diverse cast of characters came together to present the musical “Alice in Rainbowland”. It was a creative, choreographed show with clever songs and a great script.

Cast of characters for Alice in Rainbowland, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
All during the evening food circle, our girls could admire and wonder at the characters' costumes.

Cast of characters for Alice in Rainbowland, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
It was finally dark when the musical started, but torches and firelight kept the main characters visible.

Alice in Rainbowland, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
The Rabbit with Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum.

Alice in Rainbowland, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
The Bad Queen sentences two of her prisoners.

The “Alice in Rainbowland” production was so formative in our daughters’ minds that they are calling the characters (even without make-up and dress) by their stage names whenever they see them.

Dancing around the fire, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
Every evening after food circle, musicians gather around the fire, inspiring creative dance. We have heard pipes, guitars, drums, didgeridoos, a harp, a mandolin and a breath-operated hand organ.

Tammy-Lee plays the harp, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
While a talking circle is in session under an ancient tree, Tammy-Lee plays the harp, providing a gentle soundtrack for the discussion.

Practicing tight-rope walking, Rainbow Gathering, November 2011
During the day, agile people practise acrobatics, including this tight-rope walker.

Art is everywhere at this Rainbow Gathering. From the illustrated signs posted around the camp to the instructions in the kitchen, much thought and love has gone into making even the mundane a beautiful thing.

We are amazed by the wealth of talent within the Rainbow Family. There is so much creativity, so much exceptional ability, and it’s all shared so freely.

Our girls have benefited from their exposure to a range of artistic expression. We are thankful that these seeds have been sown into their lives and look forward to seeing the fruit that grows as a result!