Beresfield is at the crossroads of two major highways in New South Wales — the Pacific Highway and the New England Highway. Consequently, it attracts a lot of trucks, and we stopped for the night at a designated truck stop attached to a service station.

When we arrived, there was still plenty of room for us to park alongside a quiet garden. Big trucks lined up in the middle of the bitumen carpark, ready for a quick take-off in the morning.

Parking at Beresfield truck stop, November 2011
Our truck and trailer (on the far right) are dwarfed by the large selection of semi-trailers and road-trains at this overnight truck stop.

We left the truck briefly to check out the amenities at the service station. There are free hot showers available (exchange your vehicle keys at the cashier for a key to one of six shower-rooms), a washer, dryer, a lounge with television, a playground and the usual greasy-spoon take-away restaurants.

Brioni asleep on the toilet, November 2011
Tonight, Brioni fell asleep while sitting on the toilet — a combination of exhaustion and patience. She was waiting for someone to bring toilet paper to her!

David chatting with Andy, November 2011
After Andy parked his truck behind ours, we greeted him and he came over for a long chat. One of Andy's passions is photographing the landscape as he drives along the eastern states of Australia, and we saw many beautiful pictures on his camera.

It’s been lovely to get to know Andy and hear his stories of life on the road. We’re constantly delighted at how people encourage us with our nomadic lifestyle and can give us wonderful tips on other must-see places to stop and visit!

As this has been our first time to camp overnight in a designated truck stop, I was initially reluctant to go somewhere with so much traffic. However, after being pleasantly surprised by the facilities and meeting lovely people here, it means that I’ll look forward to our next truck-stop visit!