While conducting some necessary business in the Newcastle area, it was lovely to park outside my father’s sister’s house in Kotara. Our girls had such a good time playing — both at the local suburban shopping centre and also at Aunty Gwenda’s.

Our girls first met Aunty Gwenda almost two years ago when she was in the Brisbane area at the same time as Delaney was born. She turned up at our house and did all their hair so they looked very well presented when they visited me in hospital!

Gwenda and Stewart Kedar, November 2011
It's been lovely to spend time with Gwenda and Stewart in their beautiful home.

Brioni colouring-in on Gwenda's deck, November 2011
Gwenda keeps a wonderful toy box conveniently situated outside on the deck.

Gwenda gives the girls new dresses, November 2011
Our girls are delighted by their new dresses — a gift from Gwenda — and put them on immediately.

Delaney, 22 months old, November 2011
Delaney loves playing with planes, and this one sounds like it's going to take off.

Watching a cockatoo eat birdseed, November 2011
By putting out birdseed, Gwenda and Stewart attract many birds to their deck for snacks.

Girls with Gwenda in her kitchen, November 2011
Gwenda found some Easter eggs in her pantry and cut them up to soften the chocolate for dipping.

Dipping strawberries with Aunty Gwenda, November 2011
This is such a fun activity! Dipping strawberries is as much fun as eating them once the chocolate has hardened.

Watching Aunty Gwenda play a game on the phone, November 2011
Aunty Gwenda showed us how to play games on her phone. Our girls are really attracted to touch-screen technology.

Eating on the verandah with Stephanie and Gwenda, November 2011
When Stephanie stopped by Gwenda's house for one night, it was a blessing to enjoy a meal together with her on Gwenda and Stewart's verandah.

Gwenda and Stephanie singing, November 2011
After reminiscing about the good ol' days in Sydney, Gwenda and Stephanie break out into song.

We all had a lovely time at Aunty Gwenda’s and hope to visit again when we’re next in town. Gwenda especially encouraged me with our plans to birth our baby in the bush, and we leave feeling ready for wherever our adventures next take us!