After meeting up with David’s mother Roselin at Austinmer, we decided to take the girls up the coast a bit to Stanwell Park to see the hang-gliders and paragliders who take off from the very steep cliff of Bald Hill over the ocean. This location is handy to many fliers who live in Sydney, and on Friday afternoon it was very busy, with lots to watch!

Paragliding at Bald Hill, November 2011
We watched the paragliders and hangliders get their equipment ready and take off from the top of the hill.

Paragliding at Bald Hill, November 2011
Sometimes the fliers came so close to us that we could work out their facial features. Occasionally they would call greetings to friends in the carpark.

Watching the paragliders at Bald Hill, November 2011
It's been special for the girls to share this experience with Namma.

Sea-cliff bridge at Coalcliff, November 2011
From Bald Hill, we can see the sea-cliff bridge that we walked along earlier in the day.

Watching the paragliders at Bald Hill, November 2011
Namma bought the girls ice creams — such a treat!

Hang-gliding and parasailing at Bald Hill, November 2011
Friday afternoon was a good time to go — there were many fliers in the sky!

After watching both the hang-gliders and the paragliders set up their equipment, we decided that paragliding seems to be the way to go. The parachute-fliers simply unzipped their chutes and strapped themselves in. Hang-gliding takes a lot more set-up time as their wings are flat-packed for travel.

We’re inspired to try paragliding one day… David, especially. So watch this space!