Back in Leeton, we parked in the back paddock of the Sgrois’. Phillip Sgroi was our pastor ten years ago (when David and I met and got married), and he and David had a good time catching up. I spent most of my time with Rebecca (Bec) Sgroi, who also lives on the property, in another house. Bec is married to Aaron, Phillip and Dorothy’s eldest son. Bec and Aaron have two kids the same ages as ours.

Aïcha and Seth took a while to get used to each other, but then they became very used to playing together and would roam the property, often in the company of a tiny dog called Tessa. It was very cute to see Aïcha bossing someone about, though I wonder what it means for her future!

Aïcha & Seth, July 07
Aïcha playing with Seth

Aïcha & Seth, July 07
In order to get this candid photo, I stalked Aïcha and Seth (with Tessa) as they wandered around the several acres that comprise the Sgrois' property. I often saw Aïcha charging off ahead of Seth, even though she wasn't familiar with the place.

David with Isabella & Brioni, July 07
Here's David with Isabella and Brioni. Isabella is only one month younger than Brioni, and it was interesting for me to hold a baby that was similar but lighter. Perhaps my babies aren't so small after all! (Actually, I've noticed that Brioni is growing out of her 00-sized clothes on this trip, and really needs 0-sizes now!)

Aïcha & Seth, July 07
Seth and Aïcha were playing in the dogs' yard. Later I realised they were emptying the dogs' water and tipping it onto each other. Why they would choose to play with water on such a cold day, I'm not sure!

David & Phillip Sgroi, July 07
David and Phillip went out cutting wood together. (I knew there was a reason that we have carried the chainsaw over 1200 km!)

The Freedom Truck at the back of Sgrois' property, July 07
After our last night in Leeton, we woke to a very cold and frosty morning.

Sgrois & us, July 07
On our last morning at the Sgrois', we shared breakfast with Phillip and Dorothy. (Sorry about the flare in the midddle of the photo -- the lens was fogged up from the cold weather outside.)