We are so blessed to have the opportunity for our girls to meet David’s brother James and hang out with him. Based in London, James flies around the world for his photography shoots, and is not usually in Australia for long. However, with all Qantas planes grounded in an industrial-relations dispute, James is stuck in Sydney at the same time as we’re here!

James and David, October 2011
We first met James in a local café and spent hours chatting.

Aisha and David, October 2011
James took this photo of Aisha sitting on David's lap in the café.

After spending most of the day in an inner-city café, we decided to head to the beach in the afternoon. James led us through Sydney’s back streets to Gordon’s Bay.

Brioni with James, October 2011
James has a little video camera that he places in a waterproof case, and he let the girls play with it in the rock pools at Gordon's Bay.

James and Brioni, October 2011
Brioni, especially, loves playing with James. He took her into the water, braving the cold to engage in her games.

David, Delaney and Calista at Gordon's Bay, October 2011
Gordon's Bay is a rocky beach with boulders to climb and rock pools to peer into.

Delaney exploring a rock pool at Gordon's Bay, October 2011
Delaney likes reaching into the shallow pools and pulling out handfuls of stones and shells.

Delaney with a shell in her mouth, October 2011
Sometimes she even puts live snails into her mouth!

Starfish at Gordon's Bay, October 2011
Brioni was pleased to find this tiny starfish in one of the rock pools. We watched it eat for a while.

Enjoying chips at Gordon's Bay, October 2011
A friend of James' joined us for a picnic of hot chips.

James with Delaney, October 2011
It's been wonderful for James to get to know the individual personalities of our daughters.

Lauren, October 2011
Sitting outside our truck — on the grass, in the shade — this is our living room.

Aisha, October 2011
Aisha is wearing James' HD camera as she plays with a walking stick.

Brioni and James, October 2011
By the end of the afternoon, James is Brioni's new best friend.

We had such a good time with James. We’ve changed a lot since we last saw him in January 2008, and were able to share our love and connect in a special way. It’s wonderful that our girls now have a memory of this extraordinary, inspirational individual, and we look forward to seeing him again in the future!