We’ve been without electrical power in our truck ever since Mudgee. After travelling around New Zealand without any electrical power, we’re adept at finding locations to plug in when we need to recharge batteries. Here’s what plugging in looks like for us!

Brioni plugged in at Wallabadah rest area
Brioni takes advantage of the power points at the Wallabadah rest area to learn new computer games.

Plugged in at a club, October 2011
Powerpoints are often available in clubs and pubs. This was a good spot to plug in because it was right next to the children's playground.

Plugging in at the tennis club in Mudgee, October 2011
We were able to plug in at the friendly tennis club in Mudgee while a tournament was in session.

Aisha playing on the computer in the bathroom at Oberon, October 2011
We used the powerpoint in the Oberon ladies' toilets to charge the computer and phone.

Plugged in a Marrickville, October 2011
In Marrickville — a suburb of Sydney — we were parked on a residential street, and the friendly resident of #244 offered us coffee, chocolate bars and let us plug in with an extension lead so David could use some power tools.

We’re so grateful for all the invitations that come our way, especially when we’re low on power. There are many other times that we plug in at friends’ houses. At the moment, we only need to replace a fuse to have our full 12-volt power system up and running again, but as you can see, we haven’t missed out in the interim!