Before we started travelling, we thought it would be difficult to hook up with people on a similar spiritual journey. But this week we’ve been staying at the house of a like-minded couple who have read bits of this blog and thought they’d like to meet us.

Alan, Delcie, Lauren and David, October 2011
Even after first spending just a few hours with Alan and Delcie, we felt a special spiritual connection. Later, this has been cemented with many long talks.

Taking the initiative, Delcie called us up last week to see exactly where we were in the region. When we mentioned we were heading to Katoomba on Sunday, Delcie asked if we could meet in a local park.

The Memorial Park in Blackheath is famous for its glorious, multicoloured rhododendron bushes. We were impressed with the blooms, but an elderly man assured us that in a couple of weeks the park will be ten times more colourful. Perhaps we’ll have to return to see the park in its full glory!

David remembers visiting this park as a child. When he saw the playground equipment — now listed as a heritage item and sitting together in its own little rectangle — he remembered climbing on the metal structures during family outings.

Calista on the playground at Blackheath, October 2011
David remembers playing on this equipment as a young child.

Playground equipment at Blackheath, October 2011
The iconic rocket ship has been moved across the road to a holiday park.

We walked around the park with Delcie and Alan, talking about a range of subjects and finding common ground on many issues. We love hearing others’ spiritual journeys — even when they’re different to our own — and feeling the authenticity that comes from a person who is truly seeking divine truth.

Alan and Aisha, October 2011
Alan and Delcie very thoughtfully brought some carefully chosen books along to our park meeting so our girls would be entertained while we chatted.

Later, Delcie and Alan invited us to come to their house in Bullaburra. The villages in the Blue Mountains are never far from each other, and we were happy to explore the area further.

Wardrop's house in Bullaburra, October 2011
Alan and Delcie welcomed us to their pretty cottage.

Delcie introduced us to her next-door neighbour Jess, who shared her amazing free-birthing story with us. Later, as we all sat around a meal together, we could feel the warmth of this established relationship. Delcie and Alan love Jess and Nathan’s children and have daily interaction with them.

David, Nathan, Ayla and Jess, October 2011
It's extra-special to find small communities in the places we visit. Alan and Delcie have a close relationship with their neighbours Nathan and Jess and act as surrogate grandparents.

Delcie reading to the children, October 2011
A trained primary-school teacher, Delcie has a special way with children and loves reading stories to them. Her young next-door neighbour Jay visits often.

Brioni holding Ayla, October 2011
Jess offered to let our girls hold four-week-old Ayla, and Brioni couldn't resist kissing her tiny fingers.

Delcie holding Ayla, October 2011
In a quiet moment, Delcie is content to hold Ayla for Jess.

As the capricious Blue Mountains weather closed in, we experienced a cold and rainy day — our first rain for several weeks and miserable weather for camping. However, at the same time, we were being welcomed in a warm, friendly house! Truly, the timing is always perfect, and we never want for anything!

Brioni catching rainwater on her tongue, October 2011
Brioni tried drinking the rain.

We’re so blessed by meeting this lovely couple. Alan and Delcie are warm, welcoming hosts, gracious to our boisterous children and non-judgemental towards our differences. We look forward to seeing them again soon, and perhaps also camping with them in the future!