Set on the fast flowing Rainville creek southeast of Bathurst, Flat Rock is one of those camping gems that is treasured by the local people who use it as their free, personal caravan park and keep the place clean and tidy in appreciation. We like the tranquil atmosphere and the opportunity to get to know other campers.

Flat Rock in NSW, October 2011
The happy campers give Flat Rock a peaceful spirit.

Flat Rock in NSW, October 2011
The flat granite holds the sun's warmth after the sun goes down, providing a nice contrast with the crisp water.

Rainville Creek at Flat Rock, October 2011
The water is swift but not too deep in most places.

Delaney and Calista at Flat Rock, October 2011
The girls like watching the movement of the water around the rocks.

Playing at Flat Rock, October 2011
Our girls found an old plastic bag lying around and used it to fill up the craters in rock with water from the creek.

Delaney, 21 months old, October 2011
Delaney is so pleased with herself after successfully throwing rocks into the water. She thrives on each splash.

Breakfast at Flat Rock, October 2011
One breakfast, the girls all decided to sit under the sun shelter that I had pulled out of the truck the day before.

Bee pollinating a flower, October 2011
When Aisha and I walked past these flowers, she told me how she had watched a bee collecting pollen from them. Later — walking across the lawn with the camera — as I passed the same patch of flowers, I saw bees collecting pollen in the exact same manner as Aisha had described.

Camping at Flat Rock, October 2011
I enjoyed peaceful times of reading in the shade while David and the girls played and socialised.

Delaney in the tub bath, October 2011
Because we had access to the creek water, we could continually heat up a pot of water on our campfire and use it to top up the hot bath.

Aisha has been taking a greater interest in photography, and she asked to borrow the camera one afternoon. She took the following excellent photos.

Calista, 3yo, and David, October 2011
Calista loves posing for the camera when Aisha is the photographer.

Calista, 3yo, October 2011
A little bit cooked-up but totally quirky.

David and Calista, 3yo, October 2011
Good times.

David and Calista, 3yo, October 2011
To get to the middle of the creek, David carried Calista on his back.

Calista, 3yo, October 2011
Calista brings a special joy to our family.

Delaney, 21 months old, and David, October 2011
David and his fourth daughter.

Calista climbing the pole, October 2011
Calista is determined to climb up the pole that we use to prop up the side door of our trailer.

Calista climbing the pole, October 2011
I'm sure I've similar moves at the circus.

We were both able to properly relax here, and the girls loved exploring the creek and rocks. David spent time making friends, and I started reading again. Although we didn’t have powered light, we enjoyed the atmosphere of a campfire every night and lit the inside of our quarters with a kerosene lantern. Flat Rock is a fantastic camping spot, and I’d be happy to return for a longer stay.