Our stop in Oberon was unscheduled, although we had the pretty little town recommended to us as a nice place to visit and stock up on supplies. We were planning on visiting Jenolan caves, but ended up staying in Oberon for a couple of nights instead.

We drove from the Wollemi National Park south to Jenolan caves. We parked the truck and checked out the facilities. Friendly caravaners told us that they had stayed the night in the upper car park, and moreover there were free hot showers in the facilities block!

We drove down to Jenolan village to see what we could discover about visiting the caves. It appears that there is no way of entering the main caves without paying for a tour. We were still tired from our long walk yesterday, and David and I ended up driving away from the area because we couldn’t agree on what we were wanting to do.

Jenolan village, October 2011
Janolan is a pretty, well laid-out village providing accommodation and meals to tourists who come to visit the cave.

We reached Oberon and pulled in to a playground area. The Common Adventure Playground was opened in April 2010 and offers a range of equipment with walking and riding tracks spread over several acres of lawn and around water features. Truly, this is one of the better playgrounds that we have visited in Australia!

Playing on the swings at Oberon, October 2011
A hexagon of swings sits in the middle of the playground. I wondered whether it would be possible to coordinate five swingers so that their feet all touched in the middle at the same time. It would be a fun activity to try with older children!

Aisha on the flying fox in Oberon, October 2011
Our girls loved the flying fox. I loved the fact that they're big enough to get onto it, ride it down and then pull it back up without my assistance!

Playing with the flying fox at Oberon, October 2011
Our older girls developed a fun game where the other two non-riders would race the flying-fox rider down to the end.

The mouse house at Oberon playground, October 2011
We've never come across this rolling playground fixture before. Once the girls worked out how to make it move, it became their favourite activity.

Aisha and Brioni on the mouse house in Oberon, October 2011
The girls loved experimenting with running at different speeds, sliding down the side and even putting bark chips on the cylinder to watch the effect.

Playground at Oberon, October 2011
Further up the hill, a smaller, more conventional playground offers a different experience for younger children.

Delaney playing at Oberon, October 2011
A lone horsewoman rides her pony at one edge of the upper playground.

During our time in Oberon, we recuperated from our treks through the Wollemi National Park and enjoyed meals at the local establishments. We still haven’t fixed our power supply issues, so we used the power outlet in the toilets to recharge the laptop and phone batteries. A friendly chat with one of the men who maintain the lawn at the park revealed our next stop to us, and we’re headed north again for a bush camp.