We never know who we’ll meet while we’re travelling. We aim to keep our hearts open to whomever is brought across our path, and today we received encouragement from a lovely couple who live off a minor road that runs between Scone and Merriwa in rural New South Wales.

We introduced ourselves to John and Lizzie after we pulled up outside their house at Bunnan. They advertise vegies for sale, art, crafts and rocks. It’s an eclectic mix, and we enjoyed looking through their little gallery. John — a retired builder — is the artist, and Lizzie supports him and looks after their menagerie of cats, dogs and birds.

Outside ARteffects at Bunnan, October 2011
Trading their busy lives in Newcastle for a property in remote NSW has been a positive move for the Kisis. We enjoyed chatting with them about their life journey and finding common ground in our spiritual histories.

John and Lizzie Kisi's house at Bunnan, NSW
John and Lizzie have opened their home to the public, and in their spare room they display John's artwork and collection of stones and minerals.

The Kisis settled at Bunnan at the beginning of last year. They’ve enjoyed their move to the country although they’ve experienced various forms of culture shock as they’ve been exposed to the ways in which wildlife and “civilisation” clash in the rawest sense of the word.

We were particularly encouraged to hear John’s story of contracting and then healing from deadly meningitis earlier this year. His powerful story of recovery has reinforced our hope for our friend Nick on the Sunshine Coast who is suffering from a different form of meningitis.

Nick Duggan's website millionto1.org
The website is www.millionto1.org.

Nick contracted Valley Fever while holidaying in California at the beginning of this year, and the disease is so rare that specialists are only located in the United States. Australian doctors cannot do anything more for him. You can read more about his story on this special website.